Welcome to the USNRMA

Welcome to the United States Navy Radioman Association (USNRMA) website. This website was developed several years ago to provide members with a resource  through which they could view information about the Association, it's members, social events and, most the specifically, the Radioman (RM) rating. We also provide different forms of entertainment, so all our members and other navy lovers may easily become battleship commanders, playing popular navy-themed slots games available on playonlineslotsfree.com.


In the interest of providing an even better website presence, it has been determined that the USNRMA would be better served if our website included features such as those found in the togetherweweserved website. This is a feature-rich website offering better security, an exceptionally talented support team and the noblest of causes - recognition of the military community. We'd also like to take time to recognize our gaming community as well for their relentless contributions to this site. You need to check them out they offer the best games on the market with the highest rewarding bonuses and payouts, making them a true pioneer in the industry. Our previous experiences show that many people are interested in every entertaining form where big prizes of real money are involved. However, until you get to the point to deposit real cash, you should first spend many hours playing online casino games for free, using bonus promotions. By following this site, you will discover the best casino games accessible with Neteller on Swiss casinos and play as many games as you want until you improve your gambling skills.

With this in mind, it has been determined that the USNRMA website will be discontinued, effective 1 February 2001, in favor of a togetherweserved  offering that includes all the features the members of our Association deserve and so unselfishly earned. 


Visit the USNRMA link at Together we served by "clicking" here